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Posted by Munir A.Qureshi on July 13, 2101 at 08:07:47:

In Reply to: Re: English expression according to Bahi-Faith? posted by Mehran on July 12, 2101 at 23:22:40:

Dear Mehran,
>>>>"Be afraid of Him, and He will give you knowledge"<<<<
This is a verse from Quran, which I quoted to you∑∑∑∑..
Secondly you wrote,š
I agree that what you said is one aspect of this verse. I also think that the adornments can mean the attributes of God which we must strive to acquire (such as truthfulness, mercy, compassion, trustworthiness ...). Those who acquire these attributes, they have attained the good blessings in this life and in the next.š
Please note that the verse is note according to YOUR THINKING, ∑∑..From your reply it is clearly it seems that you want to twist the meanings∑∑it is a problem with Bahai‚s, I beg to say with respect that you only want to preach others, don‚t like to review yourself and your principal „SEARCH AFTER TRUTHš is for others not for yourselves too∑∑..You have to prove that how, all blessings are now for Bahai‚s after your proposed „Yoom-e-kiyamaš? And you are going on other topics. Please stay on the words of the verse and try to change the meanings once again perhaps you understand!!
Munir A.Qureshi.

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