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Posted by Living-Tribunal on July 13, 2101 at 20:01:12:

In Reply to: Why do you believe in God? posted by Ron on July 05, 2101 at 17:08:51:

Ron, that is a good question. But you should ask "What do you believe GOD is?" Only people who don't really understand, and don't ask enough questions "believe" in GOD. God is not simply a diety or force that we can't see. We see and interact with GOD every second. We don't need to believe or have faith simply to know it exists. The fact that the universe exists proves that god exists, because the culmination of every reality, soul, thought, and all energy in it's various forms, is what GOD is.

Rather, that is a part of GOD. There may be more than this to GOD. However finding all the properties of GOD may not ever be possible. Simply because inorder to understand absolutely everything, you would have to have ALL the data, or be absolutely everything, or GOD itself.

I believe that this being posess a consiousness, but maybe not the way we understand consiousness. You see, we are all apart of this entity. YOU are a little peice of it's energy. AND you are not separated from it. your soul is a part of GOD's spirit, and through your experiences, you help teach GOD about itself.

GOD is self evident, but what you beleive about it is your own choise. Toaists belive that we may even be reabsorbed into this mass soul and the energy of our spirit can be redistributed. This means that our own soul can be split up and become the spirit or root spirit for other things. I don't disagree with this idea. I think it may be possible. A "peice" of your spirit (it's all really GOD's spirit) can grow and thrive as it's own entity. Just like a limb cut off of a plant can. This does not mean that we lose our "SELF" or what makes us "US". Our ego is only a temparaty mask that we wear. It dies when we leave this place anyway. Not that our spirit dies, but rather it stops pretending to be a fireman or an actress, or whatever we were.

But this part is not as self evident, and I am still looking for the answers of the universe myself. If you are searching aswell then the place where you should start is with yourself. Ponder whatever questions you have. Just thinking about it will give you some answers and more questions. Those questions reveal a path for your discovey. Always look at other ideas and question eveything that you don't compleately understand. Even question what you understand! Look towards science and all theologies for more answers and questions. The learning never stops.

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