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Posted by Munir A.Qureshi on July 14, 2101 at 09:00:21:

In Reply to: Breaking the covenant posted by Living-Tribunal on July 13, 2101 at 14:29:05:

Dear Living-Tribunal,
I read your message on Baha'i Academics Bulletin Board and as you wrote, ćIn my opinion, there is no such thing. Because GOD manifests itself in everyone, and all of our experiences positive or negative, helps GOD to learn about itself. God learns about itself by breaking up into little pieces and having those little pieces interact. So no matter how you live your life, you are learning, discovering yourself and GODä. I am a little difference of opinion with your argument that everyone can discover God by only its on efforts except God help him in his struggle, because inferior creation cannot overcome on superior existence , and in several religions the process is described according to Devine guideness. But it is a fact that Bahai Faith doesnāt tell about individual relations between God & believer, and the way to achieve. In Quran there are several verses on this topic, and famous scholars of Islam discuss on this matter, such as Imam Ghazali, well known in Europe. We have to understand that He sent Prophets & Holly Books towards mankind and what was the importance of mankind? Why He did so if man was not . capable to achieve the characteristics of prophet hood to some extant.
According to my opinion religion means relation of GOD with believers, and a group called religious if donāt discuss the above topic infect canāt be religious. You can understand only those excellences which you have to some extent. If you have ever a chance to study The Holy Quran, you must be awarded that there are a large no of verses discovering this subject.
You correctly wrote that,ä There are two opposing forces in the world.ä, but Bahaiās donāt believe the force of evil, on the other hand all previous religion discuss the source of evil (called Satan), and one who might be protected himself from evil forces could be able to be in the assents of Godliness.
Modern groups called religious are not genuine religions, and they are derailed by the forces who want to through the mankind far from their intended cause of existence
Yours truly,
Munir A. Qureshi.

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