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That really is an excellent question! Here is what I could find:

The change in the "adhan", along with other pvosisions was revealed in the Bab's "Khasa'il-i-Sab'ih".

Here is a quote:

The next person whom Quddus met in Shiraz was Ismu'llahu'l-Asdaq, Mulla Sadiq-i-Khurasani, to whom he entrusted the copy of the Khasa'il-i-Sab'ih, and stressed the necessity of putting into effect immediately all its provisions. Among its precepts was the emphatic injunction of the Bab to every loyal believer to add the following words to the traditional formula of the adhan:[1] "I bear witness that He whose name is Ali-Qabl-i-Muhammad [2] is the servant of the Baqiyyatu'llah."[3]

Nabil, The Dawn-Breakers, pg 144

And the footnotes:
[1 Refer to Glossary.]
[2 Reference to the name of the Bab.]
[3 Reference to Baha'u'llah. Refer to Glossary.]

And also another footnote form the Dawn Breakers:

[1 "'The Babu'l-Bab,' says our author, 'wishing to fulfill a religious duty and at the same time to give an example of the firm conviction of the believers, of their contempt for life, and to show the world the impiety and irreligion of the so called Mussulmans, commanded one of his followers to ascend the terrace and intone the adhan.'" (A. L. M. Nicolas' "Siyyid Ali-Muhammad dit le Bab," pp. 295-6.) "It was at Marand," writes Lady Sheil, "that I first heard the adhan, or call of the Muslims to prayer, so solemn and impressive, specially when well chanted, for it is in fact a chant.... He turned towards Mecca, and placing his open hands to his head, proclaimed with a loud sonorous voice, 'Allah-u-Akbar,' which he repeated four times; then 'Ashhad-u-an-la-ilah-a-illa'llah' (I bear witness there is no God but God), twice; then 'Ashhad-u-inna-Muhammadan-Rasu'llah' --(I bear witness that Muhammad is the Prophet of God), twice; then 'I bear witness that Ali, the Commander of the Faithful, is the friend of God.'...
Shoghi Effendi, The Dawn-Breakers, pg 338

I hope this can help - it is all I could find. It is also interesting to note that one of the Covenant Breakers (Mirza Yahya I believe) then tried to change the Adhan to suit himself.


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