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Posted by Munir A.Qureshi on July 17, 2101 at 08:55:39:

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This is for your kind information that I am not against the presence or existing values of Bahaiās or other communities of the world, or their rights in any society or their social and academic practices or their rights to preach their beliefs or educate their peoples or any type of freedom which I like for other persons. My opposition is for sake of my own beliefs, if I accept them pure Divinity group than I should be with them, and I do sure that they will give me permission to oppose them by arguments as I allow them to admonish me in my mistakes. Bahaiās claims that period of Islam is finished and a new religion has been come across, when a new religion comes the practice of old religion be untrue, and if they want to tell this thing to the mankind, we cannot say that they are against us but they are against our thinking as we consider about our religion and if any one oppose them by arguments, it not means that he is against them or their social values simply he is against the ideas of their religion. Every body has right to defend his religion by accepting others rights. Bahaiās also face the crises and enmity in some parts of the world, and I am deadly against this type of practice. One who wants to bury others thinking by force, cannot be the missionary of truth. I have in thinking that it is a forum, where ideas can be investigate, but now I think that everyone who feels hurts against his beliefs doesnāt accept the presence of the person who sets before him. I only discuss the religious matters in the light of Holly Books, not according to personal issues and thinking. This is all from my side and good by.
With Regards,
Munir A. Qureshi.

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