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Posted by PatK19 on July 25, 2101 at 19:46:57:

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Allahu Abha!


Avoid using your real name on the web. Try something like Dasht Iqani, but not that name - if the IRI is reading this, they will know it is you. The Islamic Republic has announced its intentions of eliminating our faith. Sadly, this becomes the basis of mistrust between Baha'is outside Iran and new Baha'is w/in Iran. We know some of the old Baha'is and we know the IRI would like to kill us all, so we don't know if a new Baha'i is a new Baha'i, or someone from the IRI trying to get information.

Ignore Darrick. He resigned from the faith a few years ago.

Follow the advice of the people in Iran who taught you the faith. For now, this will have to do.

Post again here in a few days. Use a different name that _you_ make up (not "Dasht Iqani") and don't say you are Ali who posted previously. Do not post your email address on the web; if you must provide an email address, either use a fake email address, or get a hotmail address which you never never use again. If you do mention you are in Iran, do not say what region or city you are in or from, or the names of anyone, or any other information which could be used to identify you or someone you love. If you do not understand this, please post again right here in this thread, or email me and I will post answers here on this web page.

Khoda Negadahr!
- Pat

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