An experiment--try this at home and abroad, it's fun!

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Posted by Dawud on August 04, 2101 at 23:57:45:

In Reply to: Re: Follow-up to Jonah's 5/19 Question re: # of Bahá'ís in US posted by Rob on August 01, 2101 at 19:56:09:

Everywhere I go, if I meet Baha'is I always ask (a) what's the official statistic for number of Baha'is in the country (if small) or region, and (b) now how many are there *really*?

The difference is usually a whole order of magnitude--on average, I find that the real number is about 1/4 the official number, and is sometimes as low as 1/20. Of course this approach undercounts believers who aren't known to the group, but I think this is reasonable since in a very real sense they *aren't* part of the group.

No idea how to count India or Iran, though--and those are the two ton gorillas in this zoo.

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