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Posted by Rob on August 06, 2101 at 13:51:00:

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Indeed, these kind numbers that were once so much a part of the American Baha'i conscience seem to have varied with each generation's intentions of achieving numerical goals. For example, if you were to ask a typical Baha'i in the 1970's how many Local Spiritual Assemblies [LSA] were in the United States, most would be able to indicate fairly reasonably an accurate number. At that time and previous to the 1980's there was a great emphasis on LSA numerical goals. Those numbers were published regularly in the Baha'i newsletters, bar charts and all. In the post 1980 period until presently, these kind of numerical goals have been set aside, the numbers of LSAs and Baha'is rarely being published in Baha'i literature, so today you would likely not be able to find a single Baha'i with any where near the correct answer for the U.S. number of LSAs.

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