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Posted by Simeon on August 06, 2101 at 20:51:22:

In Reply to: Re: Number of Baha'is in United States posted by Rob on August 06, 2101 at 13:51:00:

Maybe it is not as common knowledge (not posted in the American Baha'i),
but the number of LSAs is easily available to anyone with a valid
US Baha'i ID # who is willing to check out the LSA database on the
Administrative website. It lists 1,173 LSAs for the continental United
States (Hawaii and Alaska have their own NSAs) and 1,897 registered
groups. However, it doesn't give a membership count, though we could
infer that the absolute minimum possible number would be:

(1,173 x 9) + 1,897 = 12,454

Beyond that, it appears to be anyone's guess!


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