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Greetings from China!
I have visited the places associated with Baha'u'llah's sojourn in Turkey many times.
I lived in Istanbul once and often traveled to Edirne to see the friends there.
In Istanbul, it is true, there are none of Baha'u'llah's houses extant.However, very near the Baha'i Center is a Mosque where He used to pray. It is notable for its very un-turkish decoration and its large grandfather-clock.
From Istanbul to Edirne, buses travel either the modern highway (faster) or the old caravan route (MUCH more scenic). The second of the two takes you across bridges Baha'u'llah's caravan Must have crossed to get to Edirne. Several of the towns also have ancient roadside wells, where HE, more than likely, filled His thermos.
In Edirne, all Baha'i historical sights are within walking distance of the Sultan Salim Mosque. IN the mosque itself, find the small fountain under a raised porticus. Baha'u'llah used to sit and pray near one of the columns supporting this canopy. There is a carving of a tulip, upside-down, on the column nearest His seat.
If you enter the mosque by way of the bazaar in front, you will climb a staircase Baha'u'llah most certainly used to enter the mosque.
In the bazaar, there is a jeweler who is a Baha'i. He is fairly open about it...just ask. (Tell him Michael Zargarov said "Hi".)
Leaving the bazaar by the Western door, you see a parking lot. This WAS the site of the largest of Baha'u'llah's houses in Edirne.
There is another large and looming wooden house across from the site. Might other Babis/Baha'is have lived there?
Continue in a Westerly direction and you will come to a house...the one in the best condition in Turkey. This was Baha'u'llah's House at the time He addresses the Tablets to the Kings. Its downstairs and garden are open to un-Baha'is. The upstairs, which is considered a "Holy Place" is closed to un-Baha'is.
Mr. Mustafa Akgun, an architect, is curator of the house. He speaks English (and German or Dutch). He can show you around, show you photos of the house "pre-restoration" and introduce you to the gardener and his wife who live at the Holy garden.
The garden is also the sight of one of Baha'u'llah's houses. This house was destroyed in a war with Russia. The gardens, however are wonderful. The gardener, "Talip" and his wife are the most hospitable people I've met.
You may also get to meet Mr. Celebi, the oldest member of Turkey's Baha'i community. Give him my love!

Have a Great time. Recite the "Tablet of Ahmad" while in the garden. I chanted it loudly there...this is where His Holiness FIRST revealed it.


Michael Zargarov

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