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Posted by MJSW on March 31, 2101 at 00:14:54:

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Dear Jonah,

Thankyou for that insightful answer. But I do stress that I was specifically refering to one particular use of these forums not to every use. It is certainly wonderful that isolated Baha'is can utilise the facility to establish contact with other Baha'is. But from personal experience I think that such forums have as much potential to lead someone astray as they do to provide them with a kind of fellowship. There is no answer to this problem, it is merely an individuals choice whether they choose to use them or not. I think we have to remember when accessing these forums that reality, in the sense of who a person actually is and what they say, is very difficult to distingush between falsehood. For example, I can say absolutely anything here make it appear like a substantial issue and the sad thing is people will take what I say to heart.

I sincerely think these forums are catch 22... while they provide a sense of fellowship, they also act as vents for obstructive (and destructive) egos... precisley the very thing which can destroy one's faith. I don't think I need to cite examples of this happening in the past.... But either way, the individual is free to choose but I just pray that all indiviuals are making informed decisions.


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