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About the homosexual issue... Homosexuals are not supposed to be
alienated and hated in the Baha'i Faith. Homosexuals are free to be
Baha'is, as long as they keep in mind that Baha'u'llah forbade the
practicing of homosexual acts. And, Baha'is believe that homosexuality
is a disorder that can be treated.

As for women in the Universal House of Justice, this is not an issue
of "why can't women be in the seat of highest power in the Baha'i Faith?"
Because, the Universal House of Justice is not a position of power.
It is a position of authority. Power rests in the masses of people who
elect the National Assemblies and ultimately the Universal House of
Justice. Being on the Universal House of Justice is one avenue of
service in the Cause... there are countless others. No one aspires to
be on the Universal House of Justice, just as the best king wishes NOT
to be the king of his kingdom.

I am no scholar, and this is just a quick response, as it is late here and I need my sleep :)

Take care!

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