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Posted by Rob on September 08, 2101 at 19:12:33:

In Reply to: God loves all posted by ben on September 06, 2101 at 01:55:20:

Allow me to explain matters:

You wrote:
"The Bahai faith at face value seems to be everything that one dreams
for in a spiritual life,. No predjudice because we are all part of one
But how can the faith then close their doors to homosexuals."

Homosexuality is not necessarily reason enough to prevent someone from believing in the Baha'i Faith and its teachings; nor is it necessarily a reason to prevent one from becoming a member of the Faith. What is clear, is that homosexual practices are, according to the Baha'i teachings, unacceptable and a matter that each person must learn to over-come with the assistance of qualified experts and spiritual guidance. Even if a person is unable to ovecome homosexual behavior, this is not necessarily a reason to deprive the person of Baha'i membership or prevent them from becoming a member in the first place. Each case is a personal matter, and only when brought before the Institutions of the Faith, and in consideration of the conscience and understanding of the new believer, is this a matter on which some action may be required to remove the individual from membership, though retaining their identity as a believer.

herefore, your statement "Why is spirituality and God denied to them?" is unfounded, as Baha'i spirituality is founded on loving encouragement to all who seek the Baha'i path.

You state:
"...that man cannot judge and that God is the creator of all
including homosexuals."

Reply: In this Dispensation, God has permitted those elected to His Administrative Order to make judgements of others, including deciding who may or may not be a Baha'i, basing their decisions on the Baha'i Texts and an understanding of the individual's beliefs and behavior which reflects their beliefs.

The point of Faith is to bring under control natural impulses of many kinds which are regarded as spiritually regressive, including sexuality outside of heterosexual marriage.

You state:
"...why ain't women allowed in the top house.
Where is the equality there?"


This is (as in the case of the question why only women were enabled to bear children) a case where inequality is allowed for reasons unknown. The Baha'i Writings clearly support and encourage the equality of women and men in most all other fields of human endeavor, and only indicate that in the future the reason why only men are permitted to be on the Universal House of Justice will become clear. How and when this will be made clear is not given in the Writings.

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