Now the new age dawns

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Posted by Jonah on September 13, 2101 at 20:33:39:

In Reply to: Thanks! (was: please don't post these pilgrims) posted by PatK on September 13, 2101 at 19:53:06:

"...I think that if the thoughts being advanced were truly pertinent to the BF these thoughts would have been expressed elsewhere as well - in authoritative texts...."

But they were. Read the sections from the written and published letters of the Guardian I posted. Tom objected that some have seen the Baha'i Faith as apocalyptic. The authoritative Baha'i writings, from the Bab through to Shoghi Effendi, do indeed contain some statements that are apocalyptic. And, it seems, correct.

And what happens next, according to these same texts? We heal, and the world for the first time truly unites. In recent days I have heard world leaders speak almost as if they were quoting Baha'u'llah and Shoghi Effendi. The dawn of the new era would seem to have opened with the opening of the Arc; now it begins in earnest.


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