Coventant-breaker prophecies about New York

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Posted by Jonah on September 18, 2101 at 20:03:00:

In Reply to: Covenant-breaker prophecies about New York posted by Baha'i on September 18, 2101 at 17:04:27:

The previous posting, submitted anonymously, was posted without prior knowledge or the Baha'i Academics Resource Library. It contained commentary about the effect these prophecies could have, especially in regards to public opinion of the authentic Baha'i Faith; it further encouraged law enforcement oversight.

I was then asked by another individual to remove the posting. I have abridged it but not entirely removed it. I do this because, while a distortion of authorized Baha'i teachings, this covenant-breaker group's prophecies and press releases have received international press attention periodically for almost a decade. Baha'is might be asked about the statements of this group, and I feel that it would be best for Baha'is to be aware of them rather than ignorant of them; if caught fully unaware, I think it would be difficult to respond appropriately.

As well, I do think there's a need to acknowledge this matter publicly in this bulletin board, if only to direct Baha'is where to get information should they encounter the issue themselves elsewhere. I recommend that Baha'is concerned contact their Auxiliary Board Member for Protection. If you don't know how to contact your ABM for Protection, ask another member of your community; failing that, write to (if you're in the States).

I ask that further discussion of this topic on this bulletin board be limited only to any factual information or relevant authorized teachings. Please use sensitivity and caution in discussing it; as well, email me if you find any place in the Baha'i Library where I've not been sufficiently cautious or have erred in my judgment.

-Jonah Winters

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