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Posted by Jonah on September 23, 2101 at 03:12:10:

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Hi. No luck on this exact quote, but I did find some pretty close. These quotations are all online at this Library, but lacking time I didn't give URLs or page numbers, sorry! I'm curious where you found this quote, as it's not in any of my documents; write to me at Jonah and let me know, thanks!

  1. from Messages to the Antipodes, 1944:
    Although, as you know, he is very pressed for time and
    over-worked, yet he is always glad to get news of the progress of the Faith, as this is his source of joy and comfort during a period of many anxieties and heavy burdens to bear. He has such
    bright hopes for the spread of the Cause in Australia and New Zealand, and is very grateful to you for the unsparing manner in which you give your time and energy to the work there.

  2. from Messages to the Antipodes, 1950:
    Your letter dated June 1st was received, together with the reports & clippings you were kind enough to send, and the Guardian would have replied to you sooner had he not been so busy and over worked.

  3. from Valera Allen's "Haifa Impressions":
    We refreshed up a bit and by then Leroy Ioas, another Hand of the Cause and Secretary- General of the International Council, had come in and took us to his apartment. How wonderful to be with him again although by now it was all seeming very much like a lovely dream! We missed Sylvia although we had the good fortune of having seen her in California just before leaving for Haifa. Leroy looked very tired but we soon discovered that "being tired" is a constant state that all of the "staff" are in at Haifa, and of course, tired and over-worked are the beloved Guardian and his precious wife, Ruhiyyih Khanum.

  4. from Ministry of the Custodians:
    The many pilgrims who visited the Holy Land will remember how often the beloved Guardian mentioned his heavy burdens, and that he was over-worked and concerned over the multitudinous problems which faced him. This work and these problems have fallen to the lot of the Hands of the Faith, who have been obliged and privileged to assume the burden at the World Centre.

  5. from Lights of Guidance:
    The Guardian feels sure that the Auxiliary Boards ... will stimulate and help the teaching work, which of course includes pioneer work, and be a prop and mainstay to the often over-worked and over-burdened National Spiritual Assemblies.

  6. from Unfolding Destiny:
    The beloved Guardian, having been in touch with you by cable, and being more over-worked this year than ever, delayed answering. You know, from what you saw here, how inefficient--to under-state the matter--his servants are. The work at the Shrine has vastly increased and of necessity, for as the first part of the building will soon be finished, the grounds around it have been entirely remodelled to fit it better and show it off. All this he has been forced to superintend and plan personally. The attacks and status of the enemies you know about. So that in all he is very tired.

There were more, but they were more of the same so I didn't include them. (The above search was for "over-worked" and "over worked"; the other entries I found but didn't include were for "overworked." Many were more recent documents from the House [an interesting example of how hyphenated phrases lose their hyphen over decades of use, e.g. "mail box" becoming "mail-box" and then finally "mailbox"; in this case, the older entries were "over worked" or "over-worked," and the more recent were "overworked"].


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