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Posted by LPeifer on October 04, 2101 at 23:34:04:

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The American Baha'i
Volume 23, No. 14
Mashiyyat B.E. 149 / September 27, 1992

Research Department of House of Justice comments on authenticity of some well-known prayers and 'Tablets':

From time to time the National Spiritual Assembly receives letters from Baha'is or local Spiritual Assemblies about the authenticity of certain prayers or "tablets" that are circulated in typed form.

The Research Department of the Universal House of Justice is asked to check these writings for authenticity. The following works that commonly circulate in the Baha'i community are not authentic:

(LPeifer note - other text omitted here but the paragraph you are interested in follows)

"O God! For the sake of Thy love I will leave everything and wander in the deserts and over the mountains..." This prayer cannot be confirmed as authentic as no original has been found.

This is found in the Ocean search tool.
Another full text can be found at
however this presents somewhat of a dilemma as I've found the same letter from the UHJ quoted 3 different places and none of the three agree.

This prayer paragraph does not appear in the same UHJ letter at

The version is missing several paragraphs at the end of the text found in the Ocean search engine.

Ocean seems to have the most inclusive of all the versions.

I'd like to find out what is the correct information. It would be interesting to find a copy of The American Baha'i Volume 23, No. 14 and see what is really there and then find the original letter from the UHJ. That's more than I can work on right now. Hopefully someone else reading this will add some pieces to the puzzle.

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