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Posted by PatK on October 17, 2101 at 21:27:59:

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Allahu Abha!

Modern Judaism has had a few millenia to evolve since the Torah appeared. Ditto Hinduism and the Upanishads. Episcopal and Baptist have been separate denominations for just a few centuries and they both acknowledge the same text as their respective source scripture.

Though Judaism condemns polytheism, one of the terms it uses for God, Elohim, is in fact, a plural, rather than singular form (i.e. the literal translation of Elohim is "gods", yet it is usually translated as "God").

Though Hinduism seems polytheistic, in one or more Upanishads, the point is stressed that despite appearances there is ultimately One and Only One Reality. If you'd like, I could try to look it up.

My conclusion is that, though modern critique can correctly note that moder belief shows some diversity between Judaism and Hinduism, there is, in some ways, more divergence between the modern forms and the respective source text, than there is between the respective source texts.

- Pat

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