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Posted by Rob on October 21, 2101 at 11:53:09:

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I aquired the book last month and have known the author, David Piff (archivist at the BWC) since the early 1980's. Piff's book, "Baha'i Lore", is available directly from George Ronald Publishers. It was available from the Baha'i Publishing Trust in the United States, but has been censored and is no longer available through them appearantly because the National Assembly felt it actually perpetuated the lore, rather than clarifying that much of the lore is simply unfounded rumor. This, I would say, is typical of the undue alarmist and xenophobic malady long afflicting the national administration in America that has long thwarted the legitimate efforts of academics. Mr. Piff has made every efort to be clear in the volume that he was simply reporting what the current state of hearsay is in the Baha'i Community, explaining how this hearsay is either false, partially true, or valid in each case based on authorized Texts and letters of the Institutions of the Faith. The book is highly catagorized according to subject and hence a reference work easy to access.
Briefly, the 538 page study of Baha'i hearsay and lore is an extremely well done sociological study and an important milestone of academic finding; a prime collection of Baha'i lore from 425 individuals, either first or second-hand. I would highly recommend it for Regional Training Institutes.

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