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Posted by MJSW on April 02, 2101 at 05:15:10:

In Reply to: If I may.... posted by Dawud on March 31, 2101 at 22:11:59:

Dear mistaken friend. You seem to have completely missed the point of what I have been saying and to imply that my motive in posting this topic is to gain converts makes me very sad. Personally, I do not mind if the world does not become Baha'i - I do mind however if the world does not know about the Baha'i faith and I think that an accurate knowledge of the Baha'i faith is best obtained from people who you can be sure are Baha'is. These forums do not and cannot ensure this. That is all I mean to say and if that has not been clear then I apologise. But I deeply, DEEPLY resent your convert comment.

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