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The Old Testament calls God "the God of gods" and "the Most High God".
The name for the Most High God is Ha-Elohim ("THEE Power/Poweress"), and
the name for "gods" is simply elohim ("powers/poweresses"). The Hebrew
word "Elohim" is made up of two words: El (God) and Eloah (Goddess).
Genesis says that HA-ELOHIM create Man, male AND FEMALE, in His image.
In His image He created He him, male and female He crated He THEM.
ELOHIM is a Feminine noun "Eloah" with a Masculine ending "IM" (the
Feminine ending is "OT"). Orthodox Jewish scholars say this is a "plurality of
majesty". Mystical Jewish scholars say this means that God is both
male and female, and behind God and Goddess there is Ein Sof; the Essence
of God which is neither male nor female.

If Ha-Elohim is the "Most High God" and the "God of gods" then there
must be "gods" less high; of which Ha-Elohim is the "God" of.

The Bab calls God "God of Gods" and "God of Divinities" in Panj Sha'an
("Five Modes").

The Upanishads and the Vedas and the Marabharata (a part of which is
the Bhagavad Gita) speak of various "gods"; sometimes translated as
"demi-gods". In the Sanskrit they are called _devas_ ("divinities").

Yet, the Qur'an says that God has no partner?

How can this be reconcilled?


There is only One God: the Essence of God. However, there are many different
myriads of heavenly beings which are not "GOD" but nevertheless are
higher than humans (at least mortal humans). The Qur'an refers to them
as "Immortals". The Angels are less high than the Immortals. The ancient
Christian church believed in a Three Hierarchies of Heavenly Beings;
with Principalities, Archangels, and Angels in the LOWEST of the 3
Hierarchies. The First Hierarchy included Thrones, Seraphim, and Cherubim.
Are these "the Concourse on High"? The heavenly beings are supposed to
exist in 9 Orders:

The Eastern Orthodox Churches consider the Thrones to be "gods", but certainly
not to be confused with "God". In Greek "God" is Ho-Theos ("The God"), and "gods"
is simply THEON (gods). The definite article acts like this:

"How many Michael Jordans are there?" Answer: Thousands
"How many THEE Michael Jordans are there?" Answer: Only ONE...of course!

There are THOUSANDS of men named "Michael Jordan" but only ONE "THE"
Michael Jordan.

All these beings are the Servants of God; including the Angels. None
are His "partners" (equals).

Now, Hindu Scripture has different names for these heavenly beings. They
are Devas and Ashuras and other terms; sometimes translated as "gods"
sometimes "demi-gods" and sometimes by other terms.

So, in conclusion, there is MUCH MORE to the Cosmos than simply
World Peace/Race Unity/Equality of Men and Women/the UN/ and "the
Worlds of God" which cannot be described.

Ultimately, there is no contradiction between Hinduism or Judaism;
it's just difference in terminology and what has been revealed.
Darrick Evenson

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