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Posted by Rob on October 24, 2101 at 21:36:53:

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The Baha'i concept of shunning Covenant breakers is neither borne of jihad nor inquisitional attitudes. Jihad/inquisition, by common definition, indicates some kind of holy engagement to kill or convert an enemy of a faith. The Baha'i shunning of Covenant breakers is just the opposite of jihad and inquisition.... a near total disengagement, a refusal to force conversion, a non-battling attitude. Shunning is a turning away from an enemy whose association would causes harm to the faithful community at large. In a personal way, you have called upon others to shun me in your e-mail, so obviously validate its practice. How much more must Baha'is agree with the practice of shunning as a point of religious law founded in the Baha'i Sacred Texts and understood to be valid only when instituted by the Universal House of Justice in rare cases where an individual, such as Mr. Zargarov, has consistently supported those whose long standing publicized aim is to dismantle the current Baha'i Faith and take control of it.

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