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Posted by anon on October 26, 2101 at 10:24:25:

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Thank you very much for pointing out that posting to me. It is very wonderful and answers so many questions of great interest. I would like to study Khatt-i-Badi` more and I wonder if you know of any more sources. I will study the short signature and see if I can come up with anything. Thank you so much. Does anyone know how Muhammad-`Ali would normally sign his name?

I want to point out one thing though. I disagree with the transliteration of the Words of the Bab begining "Allahumma". I have located a source and you can view it online:

This version clearly differs from the one written out at the bottom of this webpage:

alláhumma yá subbœHu yá quddœsu yá raHmánu yá mannánu
farrij laná bi'l-faDli wa'l-iHsán
innaka raHmánun mannánun

I guess whether you vocalize the tanwin ("un") at the end of the final two words is up to you. It seems though, that the version presented on your website seems to be in common use in song. I am wondering if this discrepency could be attributed to its lack of a commonly written form used among the non-Persian/non-Arabic speakers. Who knows? I look forward to further discussion.


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