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Posted by Naqusi on October 29, 2101 at 01:30:17:

In Reply to: Re: Good luck, Michael! posted by Rob on October 24, 2101 at 21:36:53:

Yes, I'm well aware that your religion requires shunning, to use your preferred term. Well, it's your religion--knock yourself out. But don't expect me to respect it, or you, when you do it in front of me.

For all I know this sort of discourse may be appropriate in secret Baha'i meetings, but not in civilized society. The original posting, unlike yours, was obviously a well-intended, friendly notice. I fail to see how his current "covenant breaking" status is relevant, or what business it is of yours to bring it up.

Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't want to restrict your freedom to say what you want--be a boor if that suits you. I simply wish to offer support to the target of your call to ostracism. For comparison's sake, imagine a posting to the effect of "Warning: the poster above is a Jew, and should therefore be shunned by all good Christian Identity believers as a member of the "synagogue of Satan". Such a warning may be entirely true, and yet represent something despicable.

You're right, "jihad" is hyperbolic, except perhaps in the more general sense. Dissident friends however inform me that "inquisition" regularly occurs--I'm sure you've seen their testimonials on the web. For the life of me I can't figure out whether the Baha'is just have a few bad apples, or (since most of you seem like nice people) whether this is your normal behavior when the infidels aren't around. Well, no matter, I trust that time and "continuing revelation" (as you say) will mature your religion, if not necessarily every member of it.

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