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Posted by Rob on October 30, 2101 at 15:36:10:

In Reply to: Whatever posted by Naqusi on October 29, 2101 at 01:30:17:


You wrote:
"...don't expect me to respect it [Baha'i Faith], or you, when you do it in front of me."

This is wholly your choice. We do not use inquisition methods to make anyone repect us or become us. We believe and practice what we believe, come what may.

Since you have wilfully and voluntarily placed yourself "in front" of the Baha'i Faith on this website and have entered into the discussion of your own accord, you'll have to accept the fact you are responsible for hearing the views expressed here which cause you problem.
If you feel strongly that you do not want to be "in front" of Baha'is and hear their views, it is your choice to ignore us.

You stated:
"I fail to see how his current "covenant breaking" status is relevant, or what business it is of yours to bring it up."

I bring it up because I am a Baha'i and many Baha'is who visit this website may not have heard about the status of this individual. It is a Baha'i matter.

You then stated:
"For comparison's sake, imagine a posting to the effect of "Warning: the poster above is a Jew, and should therefore be shunned by all good Christian Identity believers as a member of the "synagogue of Satan". Such a warning may be entirely true, and yet represent something despicable."

It is perfectly acceptable in society to make the status of wrongdoers known to the society which needs protection from that person or group.

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