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Posted by Daniel on October 31, 2101 at 06:39:45:

In Reply to: Parental Consent in Marriage posted by Nick Stone on May 16, 2101 at 18:26:38:

It is rather a common fact that marriage does not only "unite" husband and wife, but two entire families, along with their individual history and tragedy.
An adoptive child might very much belong to the family it was adopted to, but is it certain that this adoptive child is being acknowledged by the family entire? And what happens in case the orphant knows other relatives, but just not their parents?
I do personally think that adoptive parents should have no rights to geive a parental consent because they have no knowledge about the adopted child's family history and tragedy (what sufferings they may had to endure which were passed from generation to generation...).
And since only the adopted child would know enough information to make such choice more or less responsibly, it should in this case be up to this child only.

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