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Posted by Dawud on October 31, 2101 at 08:04:11:

In Reply to: Re: Trying to figure this thing out posted by anon on October 29, 2101 at 10:20:10:

Hmmm. That would explain a lot, if this henscratch was his name rather than a specimen alphabet. So, what other names did he have that could explain all the divisions? 'Ali should have three letters, unless he's voweled it or something, but the next grouping has four. (He wouldn't sign his own name with a "Mirza" would he?)

If you're right then this script looks very cumbersome, something like the Salamander alphabet from Mormonism. It couldn't have had a chance on adoption, for practical reasons, if it takes two lines and probably fifteen minutes to write out his name. I was thinking the lines were written sideways, like Arabic sometimes is when they get all calligraphic and fancy.

Let me know if you locate his regular signature, or any other examples... Heh, I bet the Esperantists would just love this.

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