And lest we forget the more sectarian forms of Christianity...

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Posted by Dawud on November 06, 2101 at 07:07:51:

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(To Jehovah's Witnesses:) You too can live in God's paradise on joining together and making the world a better place! Oh, and worshipping this guy called Baha'u'llah. What's that? Well, as a matter of fact, he DID declare his mission not far from Babylon. Why do you ask? ;-)

(To Mormons:) We get to drink coffee and you don't. Come on, let your hair down.

(To Charismatics:) We too speak in tongues, but one day we hope we can find a way to avoid it.

(To Quakers:)--

(To Moonies:) All religions teach the same thing? Second coming of Christ already happened? Why, what DON'T we have in common?

As Foghorn Leghorn used to say, "It's a joke, son."

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