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Posted by Robert Stauffer on January 28, 2001 at 15:49:14:

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Certainly the Baha'i International Research Department and the Baha'i International Archives would be the best source for an answer to all questions re. the geneology of the Holy Families. I do recall that years ago a very complete geneology was done by the research Department of the Holy Families, copies of which were provided upon request to members of those families and perhaps to serious researchers. As well, I recall seeing geneologies in the Baha'i archives I visited in Iran, copies of which will probably be found in Haifa and perhaps the Afnan Library in England.

There are members of Baha'u'llah's family who remained faithful to the Covenant who are living in parts of the world, as well as many Afnan. Connecting with these will be fruitful.

There are, of course, those descended from the Holy Family members who were unfaithful to the Covenant and never became Baha'is. These may be difficult to directly locate and access. Some of these are living in Israel and Iran and elsewhere. Learning of those lines of the tree will prove more difficult without going through third parties or the Baha'i World Cenre with appropriate permissions.


Robert Stauffer

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