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Posted by Zahra Sinaei Cerrato on November 09, 2101 at 06:22:49:

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I believe in God because I believe in my self. I have kind of contact with my self " inner self" this band has given me hope and energi to work for humanity. I use Bahá-u-llahs words in every speach I have done. I have seen how people pay attention and they change in their way of thinking and living. When vi cut the band with our inner self we can not feel the power of onconditional love and service. When we don't love or are not inlove with anybody or we donęt work for the good of humankind we cannot feel the power of God even if we say that we believe in God. That is why I don't believe that there are so many of us who believe in God. You cannot believe in any thing if you don't feel it. We cannot feel anything if we have no contact with our inner self. God is inside you. you cannot find it outside your self.
Get emmidiately contact with youself. When you are there,
we( everybody who get contact with his inner self ) may meet each other then We may meet God itself.

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