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Posted by Alexander on April 11, 2101 at 17:12:11:

In Reply to: THE BAHA'IS: Christians of the Second Advent posted by Darrick Evenson on April 10, 2101 at 21:59:45:

This site is fantastic. It is what the Baha'i Faith has needed to reach the evangelical community. It is no coincidence that we are now at the beginning if the 5th Epoch and suddenly we are becomming more confronting with our message to the world - only yesterday I saw for the first time a new pamphlet about the return which seemed to break from the apparent tradition of approaching the facts of Christ's return in a round about way. As a Christian-gone-Baha'i I can see that this new, confronting approach will touch the hearts of many but I also think that it will inflame opposition from evangelists - which is not a bad thing at all!

Good on you (to whoever published this site) for taking the initiative.

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