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Posted by anon on November 26, 2101 at 20:45:52:

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Well, I know that `Abdu'l-Baha encouraged the learning of Esperanto and that it fit many of the requirements he placed on a future auxiliary language. But he made it clear that Esperanto would not be the Auxiliary language since such a language would have to be created by a diverse committee as opposed to a single individual and would incorporate more languages into its vocabulary. He also encouraged association with the Esperantists. He also spoke at Esperantist conventions. Dr. Zamenhof (the inventor of Esperanto) has a daughter named Lidia Zamenhof who became a Baha'i. She was put to death in a Nazi concentration camp though because of her Jewish heritage.

As to the other issues, I doubt that they had access to any of these things although Baha'u'llah may have had knowledge of them. I really doubt there is any connection. As for Volapuk, it is the sworn enemy of Esperanto and the word volapukajxo means "non-sense" in Esperanto. It's rather funny. Just thought you might be interested.


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