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Posted by Darrick Evenson on April 16, 2101 at 19:50:05:

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Very good. Actually, the Book of Revelations says that 666 "is a number of a man,
and also the number of a beast". Neron Kesar is "666" in Greek. Some
older Latin manuscripts have "616" because Nero Ceasar (Latin) equals
"616". 'Abdu'l-Baha did identify the Umayyids as "666". This was the
"second Beast" of Revelations; the Beast who would arise from the earth.
The first Beast arose from the Sea (Roman Empire...which sought to
control the trade routes of the Mediterranean), but the Second Beast
certainly were the Umayyids. So, in other words, "666" means both.
I needed to deal with Nero in the article. Had I a full book length,
I would have dealt with both. But, the main desire of the article was
to answer the MAIN objections that Evangelical Christians would have
concerning the Faith; so I had to show that "666" and all that has
already been and gone. Thanks for your observations.
Darrick Evenson

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