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Munirih indicates she was born in Isfahan "eight months and nine days" after the date when her uncle, Aqa Mirza Ibrahim, the father of the Beloved of Martyrs and the King of the Martyrs of Isfahan, served the Bab dinner at which occasion he vlessed her parents to have a child (the dinner was some time in 1846). You would have to check that dinner date in Nabil's The Dawnbreakers to figure her exact birthdate. She indicated that her brother Haji Sayyid Yahya was born three years after her, and that her sister Radiyyah Bagum six years after her. Another sister Guhar Bagum was born eleven years after her.

Munirih married 'Abdu'l-Baha in Akka in 1871. I believe E.G. Browne published the birthdates of their nine offspring, five of whom where males, but died in infancy or childhood.

Source: "Munirih Khanum, Memoirs and Letters", 1986 Kalimat Press, p. 13-14.

As for relatives of the Holy family in the Holyland, it has been my understanding that the "Bahai" family, as some are sirnamed, still have residency in Akka, and I recall seeing that name in the Akka phone book in the mid-80's. As of the 1980's other descendents lived in the old estate just immediately south of Bahji, a place Baha'i pilgrims where told to refrain from visiting for the reason that these were the descendants of 'Abdu'l-Baha's half-brother and arch-Covennt breaker, Muhammad- 'Ali, though currently this may not be so.

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