I saw a very similar shirt at...

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Posted by Dawud on December 30, 2101 at 23:15:24:

In Reply to: looking for t-shirt "one race...human" can you help? posted by Mary Anderson on December 27, 2101 at 09:08:17:

...the Baha'i center in San Francisco (which I think orders them from Bosch). I believe the message was "one race: the human race" and I don't recall the illustration--maybe it was stick figures in different colors?

Hey, do you know what they had before Baha'i t-shirts were invented? Babi pins! Nyuk nyuk nyuk... Here are my favorite Baha'i t-shirts ever (okay, some of them from an ex-Baha'i):

1. "Covenant Breakers" (Iranian "black metal" rock band--and no, they were only raised Baha'is, I asked)

2. "You are the leaves of one tree, and the fleas of one camel."

3. Baha'u'llah's photo on the front (printed from the William Miller book, I think), then some quote on the back about how one should always view it with a spirit of reverence, accompanied by an invitation to the viewer to bow.

4. "Bobby Rebellion," and then "J.R. 'the Bab' Dobbs" [see www.subgenius.com for info on this fictitious founder of a joke religion], with an image of turbaned "Bob" in between.

5. "God, guns and guts made America great, let's keep all three." (Not Baha'i, but worn to a Baha'i meeting, which is what makes it funny.)

6. "One race--impossible!" and then an asterix with some fine print about evolutionary game theory or identity studies or something like that.

7. A Wiley cartoon of this bearded guy sitting at a desk collecting signatures. Above him is this thermometer chart and the message "Help us reach our goal!" and then the gradations of the thermometer ranging from "a bunch of kooks" (bottom) to "major world religion" (top).

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