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Profit-sharing as a solution is also recommended in no. 1869 of volume 3 of Lights of Guidance and Economics of the Future p. 76 (quoting Star of the West xiii, p. 231). In addition to Some Answered Questions, Foundations of World Unity pp. 38-44 has a little bit of reference to this.

Economics of the Future, p. 77 quoting Baha'i World iv, 454 states workers "should not be paid merely by wages" but "rather they should be partners in every work."

Economics of the Future p. 36 quoting Star of the West, vol VIII, p. 11 mentions how a manufacturer's property should be divided amongst workers as well as family.

It is written by the Guardian that the time has not yet come when the friends can implement, even on a small scale (or even one's business) the economic principles in the Writings (Directives from the Guardian, p. 20). Maybe this is because full profit-sharing (though he did not say it was due to profit-sharing) at this time would be uncompetitive (especially while workers still can legally strike) unless other laws were enacted to require other companies to share profits. What do you think?

It is elsewhere permitted for Bah½'ās to start an enterprise which uses its revenues for the friends and the Faith (Lights of Guidance, vol. iii, no. 853).

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