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Posted by Darrick Evenson on April 20, 2101 at 17:49:09:

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Yes, I'll email you. But for all others who are reading this:

1) NO, I have not been declared a "covenant-breaker". This is a false rumor.
2) Yes, I resigned from the Faith in 1996 because I was told (quite
incorrectely) that the Faith was "pro-Choice" on the abortion issue.

For those who would like to read "The Story of Darrick Evenson" please
go to WHERE'S THE TROOPS? and scroll to the bottom half of the page.

ALSO, if you hear Baha'is speading negative things about me, please remind them
that the spreading of gossip and rumors is forbidden in the Faith, and likened
unto murder.
Darrick Evenson

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