Darrick Evenson

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Posted by mark on April 23, 2101 at 02:45:48:

Dear Darrick,
I read the second half of your page called Wheres the Troops with much interest. The more i read the more you and your personal situation presented an enigma to me. I then read your letter, "Subject: Letter to Robert C. Henderson", and inparticular this paragraph.
"2) Although I accept Baha'u'llah as a Manifestation of God, as an incarnation of the Holy Spirit, I still feel--after many agonizing months of deep thought and soul-searching--that He is subordinate to Jesus Christ; the Son of God. I feel this way because of His statements that Jesus is "the Lord of the Visible and the Invisible" and "the Lord of all being". "
end quote.

This really explained it all to me and solved the puzzle.
You also go on to say that since returning the LDS you are at peace. This i am pleased to hear.

I have a question for you. Your letter was written in 1998. Has your belief status (for want of a better term) changed at all since then??
To put it another way, is the quote above still an accurate reflection of you beliefs??

Mark Burch

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