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Posted by Morgan on April 24, 2101 at 18:23:42:

In Reply to: Baha'u'llah can't be a prophet of God. posted by David on April 24, 2101 at 16:01:49:

Dear David,

Your questions are intersting but it seems you are sadly mistaken in your argument. Firstly, this verse concerning other plantes: although we will never now for sure (at least in our lifetimes) there is substantial evidence that fixed stars do have their own solar systems. I have talked to a number of non-Bahais who are into astronomy about this and they have agreed that there is evidence for this. Secondly, concerning copper and gold. This is possible. What I suggest is that you get any good high school text book on nuclear physics and read about nuclear fission and fussion. Elements can be transmuted into each other and infact, science uses this everyday in many industries. Also, whilst Baha'u'llah mentions that the transmutation does have a literal meaning, he also indicates that its intended meaning was the analogy of the human life being transformed - hence the reason why 70 years (the average lifespand of a human) wa used. I don't think it is wise to dispel Baha'u'llah purely because you can't understand what He said with your own experience. Muhummad, when he said that the sun is in a fixed position and is orbited by the earth, was ridiculed by the science community for hundreds of years until his claims were actually proven. Likewise, these topics concerning Baha'u'llah: at the moment there is enough evidence to support them with current standards.

On the topic of prophecy, what about:

*Baha'u'llah's references to nuclear weapons and their capabilites

* The fact that all the rulers who He wrote to and disputed Him, He told them he would knock they would lose their throne and a result and this happened (Sultan of Turkey, Napolean, King of Paris and Germany and others). This is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy where Christ will knock the unjuct kings of their thrones

* His prediction of both world wars occuring in Germany

There are many other prophecies which have been fulfilled and if I could remember them all I would post them for you but this is what comes to mind at the moment. The fact that these have been fulilled so clearly should be enough for anyone in my opinion in the area of prophecy. If you are judging Baha'u'llah simply from your own limited knowlage of science then I don't think justice is being served. Look at His teachings, His life, what He endured for YOU and the affect which His message has had on the world.

Investigate - You'll be surprised. I know I was.


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