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Posted by stuart gilman ( on December 12, 2002 at 06:06:14:

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Ecobiology and modern evolutionary theory have been around for thirty years. The concept of adaptation and growth rather than survival of the fittest; the notion of evolutionary leaps not gradualism and other non-Darwinian theories have received good press. Creationism is more popular now than at any time since Darwin. It takes on a new look, but more importantly, all the extant evidence points to Man being a creation, not a gradualistic product of changes from some form of low primate, preceded by a lemur, preceded by a water creature...

I have taught for years that HumanKind was a spontaneous generation; it is possible that this spontaneity could have taken a few million years, or a single moment, but if the former, the original human evolved to the present day human, but was in his origin - a human being, not a monkey or an orangutan.

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