Origins of Holy Names

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This is an interesting question to which I have no answer, but some additional thought -

Born Jewish, I was taught several names for God. The most common was, Adonai (Aw-doh-noy). During the years of being Jewish I often discussed the origin of this word. There were dozens of stories, some philosophical, some legendary, some pure fantasy, as to why or how God received this name. In any case, it is because it is and no source of scholarship has or will ever provide authority for this one name of the Jewish God.

Jonah, who has extensive scholarship on Buddhism, should be able to tell us how Buddha chose Buddha as his name. Since his name was not originally Buddha.

Others might tell us how Jesus Christ got his name, since his name was not Jesus Christ.

Moses was not Moses.

Zoroaster was not Zoroaster.

And Krishna might merely be legend.

Finally, Baha'u'llah was devised how? is the question here. The "real" answer may be claimed, but it can never be known.

Note one similarity between Adam, Adonai, Allah, Krishna, and Baha''ullah, i.e., how the AH sound is prominent in all these names.

No wonder Joseph Smith is not considered to be a Manifestation!


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