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Posted by Rob ( on December 14, 2002 at 20:42:55:

In Reply to: This gay man provides verbal details and photos of gay conquests posted by Stuart Gilman on December 14, 2002 at 04:41:43:

We can know the truth on many subjects, thanks to God's Word.

We can be certain that those who lie should not be trusted. Trust must be earned.

The Faith does not insist that we turn a blind eye to dishonesty, but rather we are permitted to defend ourselves on a personal level from those who are un-Godly so long as our defense in keeping with the civil laws and according to the means prescribed in the Writings and the guidance of the Universal House of Justice. Justice is the best beloved of all things, and justice is the surest means for unity and order, peace and well-being.

Many times we will be called upon to make a value judgement of others; this is permissible, so long as we are fair and do so according to what is allowed for individuals according to the Writings... meaning we must base our judgement on facts. On a personal level, we are not obligated to associate with everyone equally. This is impractical and not in keeping with justice.

It is often the case that we should seek the judgement (advise) of a Local Spiritual Assembly or the Auxiliary Board who in turn may likely tell you to seek the help of a professional who deals with such matters.

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