Re: Rejecting an active, promiscuous Gay Man from our home

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Posted by Mike ( on December 16, 2002 at 02:15:10:

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Just thought that I would add my tupence worth too.

There's a nice passage by Shoghi Effendi which I saw in the Malasian Baha'i prayer book and which I can't seem to find at the moment that offers specific guidance on the how to pray, meditate and open our hearts to inspired and creative solutions to such problems.

It may be an idea for you and your wife to pray and consult on the matter together.

Ultimately, the course of action you choose to take will be prompted by the dictates of your conscience and on whether to be "righteous" or "compassionate".

Here's is something that you may want to take into consideration though:

"Be thou of the people of hell-fire,
but be not a hypocrite.

Be thou an unbeliever,
but be not a plotter.

Make thy home in taverns,
but tread not the path
of the mischief-maker.

Fear thou God,
but not the priest.

Give to the executioner thy head,
but not thy heart.

Let thine abode be under the stone,
but seek not the shelter of the cleric." (2050, Compilation of Compilations)

Oh! And, it's not necessary to refer to the person in question in such a bombastically critical manner.

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