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Posted by PatK ( on December 17, 2002 at 22:26:27:

In Reply to: Prophesy posted by Simon Ward on December 16, 2002 at 14:56:08:

:SW: As Bahais we liken the coming of Bahaullah as like a "thief in the night" (i.e no one but God knew when Christ would return),

PK: I understand that when a theif comes into a bank, threatening people with a weapon, people know he is there. At night, though, sometimes burgulars use stealth - you don't konw they were there until the next morning, when you wake up and see your VCR is gone.

:SW: but we also point to biblical prophesy and the period of Messianistic expectation in the mid-nineteenth century, and the "Great disappointment of 1844" where certain Christian groups had predicted the return of Christ.

PK: Yes, I think there was an expectation and a disappointment, based on the best available interpretations of Biblical prophecy, and, as I recall, the expectation of a coming, like "a Theif in the night" was also part of this Biblical prophecy.

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