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Seg - To answer your queries;
1)2 Peter 3:10
2) Daniel C.8-12 (which I believe is known as the "abomination of desolation" prophesy)
3) An expression I have seen here and there on the web etc, but a specific source is "The pocket idiot's guide to christianity", by Brian Wilson, copyright 2003, published by Alpha, page 103.
4)Sorry, I haven't made myself clear, I just wanted to make the point while it was in my head, before I forgot it forever .... anyway, allow me to re-phrase my point - As Bahais we, rightly or wrongly, often point to the 1844 prediction of William Miller as an extra bit of evidence that Bahaullah is Christ returned. We also accept the bible as the word of God. The bible includes 2 Peter 3:10 (and if I can throw another thing in, Mt 24:42) which suggest to me that God hasn't given us any way of predicting when Christ would return.
So, as Bahais it seems that we want to mention the "evidence" from
the abomination of desolation prophesy, and we also say that we accept the bible as the word of God, but to my mind, the bible says that there's no way of predicitng this event, and those are the two points that I can't reconcile.
I hope that makes more sense, it may be that we are wrong to think of this prophesy as a sort of validation of our belief, but I know that many Bahais do seem to think this, which to my mind makes it a valid question.
Certainly seeing "The great disappointment of 1844" in print, in a Christian book written by someone who has possibly never heard of Bahaullah is powerful...what do you think ?

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