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Posted by simon ( on December 20, 2002 at 14:15:24:

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Thanks (although I do not fully understand all that you have said)
- Are you saying, then, that as Bahais we are possibly mistaken to use the 1844 prophesy to add weight to our claims for the Bahai revelation, perhaps when in conversation with a sceptic, in the way that, for example, William Sears presents it in Thief in the Night.

Having thought more about it, does the Bahai faith "officially" refer to this prophesy, or is it actually just individuals who perhaps should be more circumspect.

I go back to my original point, I don't see how a relatively simple calculation can give a pretty accurate estimation of the time of Christ second coming, when the NT says fairly clearly (subject, as ever, to one's interpretation) that God has no intention of forewarning us as to this date.

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