Re: Self-Defense and Baha'i Morality

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Posted by Rob ( on December 21, 2002 at 12:13:18:

In Reply to: Self-Defense and Baha'i Morality posted by Stuart Gilman on December 18, 2002 at 05:44:17:

In any regard, Baha'is must obey the civil authorities in cases of self-defense. We should not take the law into our own hands, but should only use physical self-defense when allowed by civil law.

Short of such self-defense, we usually have the time and means available to us for protection offered through the legal system.

It is exactly this method that the leaders of the Faith have always turned reverted to when the Baha'i community or Baha'i individuals were harrassed or even physically attacked by others.

Employing the protection of the civil authorities with the advise of the Baha'i Assemblies and the appointed arm of the Faith are the best means of protection in most cases.

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