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A letter on behalf of Shoghi Effendi on this topic may help; here is part of the letter:

"....According to Baha'u'llah man cannot obtain full guidance directly from God. He must rather seek it through His Prophets. Provided this principle is clearly understood and explained, the Guardian sees no harm that the friends should try to effect spiritual healing on others. Any such cure effected, however, should be done in the name of Bah'u'llah and in accordance with His teachings. For God, and God alone is the Supreme and Almighty Physician and all else are but instruments in His hands."

Lights of Guidance, #591 letter dated May 23, 1935.

Another letter on the Guardian's behalf states in part:

"...Healing through purely spiritual forces is undoubtedly as inadequate as that which materialist physicians and thinkers vainly seek to obtain by resorting entirely to mechanical devices and methods. The best result can be obtained by combining the two processes; spiritual and physical."
Lights of Guidance, # 588, letter dated March 12, 1934

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