joining the faith is not as simple as you are led to believe

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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on December 25, 2002 at 07:04:18:

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Joining the Faith is a far more difficult challenge than you are led to believe. Especially if your motives are truly religious and not social. If your motive is social with a little religion thrown in, you should have no difficulty. If your motive is religious, you may find yourself deeply challenged, especially as you study, learn, expand your knowledge of the roots of the Faith, its Evolution and numerous areas that lack clarity because of one reason or another.

As times change, new interpretations of original Baha statements must be made. And, times change so fast on every level - social, scientific, cultural, technological, etc - that no human person or body of persons such as the House of Justice can keep up.

What would Baha'u'llah and Baha'i say about human cloning?
Genetic manipulation? Transplants? Cryogenics?

Another complication arises when you begin to study.
Then you will be challenged more than ever before.

I became a Baha'i far too soon. While encouraged to question,
I am limited as to what I am permitted to question. Not easy.

While permitted to accept the findings of science and reconcile
them with Baha'i, I am not permitted to accept certain findings,
only some.

When you are a Baha'i without declaring yourself to be a Baha'i,
without "signing your card" it is a much easier Faith. While
recommending that everyone 'join", joining brings a new set of
responsibilities and constraints. You exchange certain freedoms
for greater peace of soul and greatness of heart, but you lose a degree of intellectual freedom which for some, is worth the price,
for others, difficult.


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