Bahaullah did not attribute his coming to the Bab

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The 1844 prophesy hinges on the book of Daniel.

Scholars agree that this book is pseudopegrapic - i.e., a compilation by many scholars over many decades, even centuries.

The catch is to assume that Daniel uses a day as a year, and then calculate, with inaccuracy, to arrive at 1844.

Now, in 1844, it is possible that the Bab prophesied the coming of a Messianic fugure.

... the rest is "history"

But the Bab himself is legend and Babism, which was so absurd as to be impossible to practise, died.

But we selectively take from the legend of the Bab elements that suit our purpose.

I remember my first intro to Baha'i. It was brilliant and comforting. Then the person giving the speech decided to talk about the Bab. That was ireelevant and a real turn-off.

When Bahaullah says, I am the One whose coming has been foretold, he does not say: I am the one whom the Bab has proclaimed is the One whose coming has been foretold.

This omission is serious.

Think it over, I am always prepared to be in error.


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